The perfect gift to a teacher’s child

This is an open letter to my sweet child.

Dear son,

Tomorrow we start first grade. I will not be able to send you off to school in the morning as I will be waiting in my classroom for my new 15 kids, who just like you, are starting first grade.

I will greet them at the door and welcome them into my class with a big smile. Just like your teacher will do with you when you arrive to your new classroom.

I will teach my kids routines, and take them on a school tour. I will read to them a story and have them practice some math. I will ask them to share what they did in the summer and then draw some pictures.

At the end of the school day, I will get them ready to go back home, and wonder how your day went. In fact, throughout all day long I will be thinking of you.

I will think of you when my little wiggle boy needs a third reminder to take a sit. I will think of you when my little shy girl has a hard time during circle time. I will think of you when my confident boy blurts out the answer because he was so eager to share. I will think of you when my sad little girl tells me she misses her mom. I will think of you every moment I am with my kids at my school because you see my dear boy, since before you were born you had to share my love and my time with my other kids.

I am a teacher, and sometimes I will miss out on meetings and events at your school. Some days I will have very little time to spend with you after school because I have to get ready for the next day. Some days I will spend over an hour on the phone during dinner talking to one of my kid’s parents about their child, and sometimes I will not be able to join you on your field trips.

I know those times will be hard for you to understand why I chose to be a teacher. I know tomorrow it will be hard for you to understand why I couldn’t be at the bus stop taking pictures and waving good bye.

But dear son, just remember that I will be doing the same thing your teacher will be doing for you tomorrow. We will be hugging and smiling and greeting our kids. We will be welcoming our new set of kids. We will be loving them and they will become a part of our lives that will forever live in our hearts.

You will have hundreds of ‘brothers and sisters’ that have been loved, educated and cared for by me. That is a unique and precious gift for a teacher’s child, like you.