A Strong Back to School

I am enjoying the last Friday before starting my at my new school district. I have been feeling some anxiety not knowing what to expect. Thankfully, my co-worker has been amazing with the on-boarding process and has answered so many of my questions!

As I am wrapping up my summer, I spent some time this week reading back to school blogs that inspired me to make this a great year. Every year, I pick one area of growth that I will focus on for the year. This year, I chose parent communication. Here are a few blogs and key takeaways that have inspired me to work on my parent communication this upcoming year

7 Questions to Ask Parents at the Beginning of the Year

This one hits home with me. After last year’s pledged, I intend to keep those high expectations by learning from my students parents what they expect from their kids and from me.

Back to school: A surefire Strategy for Building Classroom Community

Although the author suggests doing this activity with students, I am planning to use this activity as an activator for Back to School and Meet the Teacher nights. Getting parents to speak and feel comfortable is important and also it will give me something personal to relate to and remember about each parent.

Back to school blues

This one is more for a personal level, since my hubby will be staying home and putting our child on the bus while I am at work 2 counties away from home. This one got me thinking about parents, and me as a mom, how much we miss our little ones and just how important it is to remember that at the end of the day, that little 6-year-old boy that drove me crazy in class, is someone’s child who trusted me to educate, love and care their little one.

When to Brief the Teacher and When to Bite Your Tongue

After reading this one, I wished all my new parents could somehow read this article. I want to know about their kids, I do, but I also want them to keep in mind that their child acts and responds differently at school. There are relevant things I’d like to know, not to be nosy, I just want to make sure I get the larger picture and be vigilant of changes. Are parents separated, are there new additions in the family, is there any early trauma that affects his/her day to day activities?