Daily 5 will rock next year!

For the first time in 9 years, I can actually say that I am enjoying my summer. I sleep in. I take naps. I binge watch Netflix. I hang out with my family. I’ve been packing my house and trying to sell it. I have worked on projects for my Word Work stations next year. I am in the middle of reading more about Guided Math and Guided Reading. Needless to say, it’s been quite the busy summer.

I am almost done with one of my biggest projects, my Word Work Activities for Daily 5 and I cannot wait to implement them into my classroom. I want to make my word-work station as easy as possible for my students and for myself so that we can all reap from the benefits.

Before summer started, I decided to put together a scope and sequence for phonics for the entire year. I made the decision that each unit would build upon the other in order to allow for reinforcement of prior skills learned.

In addition, I also knew that I needed to make each unit have the same activities but with different spellings; that way I could just swap the activities and not have to teach a whole new activity every time I switch stations.

All of the units in my Phonics Scope and Sequence now have the same type of activities, but with varying spelling. I will be using the chart below to introduce stations and remind students of the choices they have available for word work.Long Pin template.png

I have 9 boxes available for word work, six of them are for phonics only and then the other 3 are for other skills such as language arts, sight word spelling practice and chaining. I will work on the language arts, sight word practice and chaining later in the summer, but for now I am happy to have my year-long phonics-based activities for the other 6 boxes.

What do you feel most proud of accomplishing this summer? Comment below and let me know.