These past 3 weeks I have been super busy packing my house getting ready to move, just to find out 7 days before closing that the buyers wanted out of the contract. Boo!

I had packed most of my materials, so all my commitments to blogging, group study, etc., were packed away; but now it is time to catch up.

This upcoming school year, I will be starting at a new school that is also starting a new dual language program. I am beyond excited with this new adventure! In order to support my DLLs I have created a bilingual alphabet chart that I plan to use during guided reading, along with individual posters for each letter of the alphabet.

Over the summer I got to try it out with my son, he is not fully bilingual but over the summer we have start pushing more Spanish at home. We listen to music in Spanish most of the time now, he even told me his favorite song now is “Despacito.”

I am also working with his letter/sound recognition in Spanish. I got a chance to take some pictures of our work together. He seems to be catching up fast, I think the use of cognates on my chart has really helped him make connections with the name/sounds of the alphabet in Spanish.

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Next, I will be pushing syllables with him. By the end of the school year I hope he will be able to read some simple books in Spanish. It will make my Latina mama heart melt.