Thank you Eureka guy!

This was my 9th year teaching and my 1st one teaching Eureka Math. 

I have to admit that I was very skeptical of this curriculum and in many ways very scared of how I would teach this very scripted curriculum. 

But after 180 days of teaching this curriculum I can say, Eureka math makes sense on how to teach math strategies and higher order thinking to kids. My students left the year feeling very confident in their skills and I felt confident with the foundations they all learned even if they didn’t master all the strategies.

I had 2 amazing coaches this year. One in my school. She met with me every Thursday, looked over my data, observed me and gave me feedback. We planned how to differentiate. She helped me become a better teacher. And then there is my coach Duane. We never really met, but he coached me with all the videos he posted on YouTube (go ahead and click on the link to go to lesson 1 of module 1 for 1st grade) In each video he shows how students are supposed to be learning the lesson, and yes he has a video for every lesson for every module for every grade. 

Every week I would watch his videos to prepare me for the week and sometimes I even shared some on my ClassDojo page for families to have an idea on how I was teaching their kids math (which saved me time from making videos or meeting 1:1 with parents to explain what the making 10 strategy is). 

So thankful for my two coaches!