Can fidget spinners belong in the classroom?

A friend of mine asked for thoughts about fidget spinners. I spilled my guts out on her post. I don’t really like fidget spinners because there has been no research to prove fidget spinners work and they create more chaos and drama than I need in my classroom.

My students keep on bringing them to school, fighting and playing with them. So I have taken a few away and one day I used it as a timer to help one of my little ones calm down and complete his work. I just told him to sit down on our “cool down” table until the spifidget spinnersnner stopped. When it did, I told him he could complete his work at the table until the spinner stopped and he could then re-join the team.

This gave me the idea to incorporate the spinners in the classroom.

Fact fluency is not a very popular station among my kids so… I introduced the spinners during our math stations and it has been keeping my kids busy and engaged working on their math facts.

You can find this set here.  An easy spin to make math stations engaging!